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Integration of our technology products with food retail has always resulted in a "WOW"

Point of Sale

AGAVE POS is an easy to use cashier friendly software for retail. No training required to use this.


This helps in tracking customers, their buying behaviour and Loyalty. It helps in collecting their feedbacks.


Centralized inventory control with SKU wise tracking. Schedule based closing and ordering.

Supply Chain

It powers business with Predictive Ordering, supply, purchase. Central vendor control and many more.

Recipe Management

Strong multi layered recipe (BOM) managemet at the store level and production level with daily variance.
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Analytics and Reports

Detailed analytics on Sales, Purchase, inventory, SKU, Vendor, Store, Food Cost etc.

AGAVE Point of Sale

Easy to setup Point of Sale Software built with flexibility.

Easy to setup, Easy to use

Cashier Friendly Point of sale with cloud integrated setup. Easily controlled and flexibility of billing of Dine-in, Takeaway and delivery

Integrated Software

It's integrated with Delivery Partners like Swiggy, Zomato etc. Payment Provider integrated. A lot of third party integration avalible.

Flexibility configuration

DIY Table Setup, Menu configuration, Multiple Printing setup, Tax Setup etc.


An approach to manage a company's interaction with current and potential customers

Loyalty Management

We help you run a customer retention program that motivates your customers to buy more often in order to earn exciting rewards in return.

Marketing Campaign Management

We help to identify market opportunities and comes out with appropriate strategies for exploring those opportunities profitably.

Feedback Management

We help in collecting customer feedback and making changes in your operational processes, for the better.

Inventory Management

Increase your sales and keep track of every unit with our powerful stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control software.

Centralized Inventory

Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets and stock items. Now, easily track and sync product quantities across all your stores


A component of supply chain management, inventory management supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these facilities to point of sale.

Vendor Management and Purchase

We empowers an organization to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors, ensuring excellent service deliverability and deriving value from vendors in the long-run.

Recipe Management

The Recipe Manual is the cornerstone of every restaurant kitchen and it provides a method for achieving consistency in every meal served.

Multi Layered BOMs

A multi-level BOM is also helpful when you have complex and highly configurable products. A multi-level BOM can also reduce risk when you have products that use parts with long lead times, high inventory costs or single source vendors.

Food Cost

We help you to find the ratio between how much a food costs you in raw materials to make a dish and how much revenue you generate from that dish.


A food cost variance signifies ideal food cost is different from actual food cost.

AGAVE Dashboard

Centralized Cloud Dashboard with realtime data feed

Sales Ticker

mulit location sales feed in realtime with trend analysis.

Supply Chain & Inventory

Purchase Orders, Goods received, Inventory

CRM and Loyalty Program

Customer information, Feedacks, Loyalty etc.

MIS Analytics

MIS Reports, Analytics data

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